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Dominion Promotions, LLC

Dominion Promotions, LLC is an independently owned & operated member of Adventures in Advertising, a $130 million Promotional Products business.  With over 15 years in sales, marketing & customer service in both small & large organizations, Jerry Milwit launched Dominion Promotions.  His mission is to help organizations achieve better results with their marketing and promotional campaigns. As promotional product consultants, Dominion Promotions works with organizations to understand how they are:

« Awarding and rewarding employees;
« Sending intended messages to customers;
« Communicating new product launches;
« Defining and realizing goals and objectives for trade shows and other special events.

As the old adage states, "Seek first to understand then to be understood." At Dominion Promotions, our primary aim is to build lifelong relationships where ideas are shared and creativity is unleashed.

Should you be so inclined to search the thousands of promotional items on this site, note that this is merely a subset of what Dominion Promotions has to offer. After you have perused our product offerings, please email info@dominionpromotions.com or call 804-270-5702 to discuss the endless promotional possibilities.

Contact Us:
Phone: 804-270-5702
Email: info@dominionpromotions.com